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This is Our Family Website

It's all about FAMILY!  It's really all that matters. I hope that here on these pages you find comfort and interest in belonging to a wonderful family. If you see something that needs correcting please contact me. If you want to contribute, please contact me. If your happy and you Know it clap your hands.

Websites take time and devotion. If you want to help or learn how join me.

Thank You for being part of HOB.

Gerald Jerry Blackburn

"The Papa "

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Our Story

We are the Blackburns.and the Millers, Colombos, Speigels, Urreres, Rodriquezs,  Roelofs,Erwin, Madrigal,,Stumpfs, Eggerts etc. Our's is an ancient story like everyone elses who has ever lived that goes back to the Stars, we are all Star Stuff!. My computer and I have a very limited memory so I will try and focus here in this website on the small Blackburn House..

Visit some of the pages here and you will learn something about where we came from and some of where we have been and just maybe were we might be going.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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