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The latest talk is about doing a "Mad Hatter" Unbirthday Party event. You will have to ask Fran and Fred about it? Just an idea right now....

Join me in Late June for a PICNIC Retro

Zoom Event....

During 2020 and 2021 we have not celebrated a family picnic. The tragedy of the Covid 19 Pandemic has changed us all. There seems to be some light ahead with the vaccines and protocalls, if the herd immunity kicks in we will get through this. So. being an optimist I am suggesting we consider a plan for 2021. If the controls are relaxed by late summer we could look at a September event. But please remember there is a world of fellow quarentiners who are also anxious to get out of the house. So keep this in mind and I will keep you posted.. In the meantime "Stay Safe".


                                                                                                                   Papa 2021

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