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Blackburn Family History

There is a lot of Blackburn history. This section will guide you


The marriage of Katherine Miller to Gerald Blackburn added the Millers of Washington DC to our Blackburn family. John and Garce Miller had two daughters, Katherine and Margaret.   


When John C. Miller Jr married Grace Colombo the Italian connection was made. Frank and Kate Colombo came from the old country, Palermo, Sicily. Frank lived in San Francisco and Kate in Oakland. They both lived through the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


The rich German heritage of the Urbanus family clan comes to us from Regina Blackburns mothers side of the family and can be traced all the way back to the 14th Century in Europe.




The marriage of Theresa Blackburn to Edwin Speigel added the Speigels of Michigan to our Blackburn family.

The marriage of Fran Blackburn to Daniel Urrere added the Urrere's  of France to our Blackburn family. 

The marriage of Jessica Blackburn to Pauly Rodriquez added the Rodriquez of Mexico to our Blackburn family.   

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