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Since 2013 we have celebrated the Blackburn Family once a year with a Picnic here in Southern California. Fred and I started this tradition as a way of introducing the new and younger members of the family to their roots and history. It was actually a tradition I was brought up with when I lived in Chicago. Mom's family would each year drive up to the Wisconsin Dells and meet with all the family. Some picnics were several hundred cousins and relations and lasted for more than one day. Our version is more 21st century but still brings family together to share a bond.  

                                                                                                                   Papa 2018


The  Covus19 Pandemic just keeps hang'in around. It has been 2 years since our Annual Blackburn Family Picnic. So let's keep thinking of a way to beat this and all get together again...

Any and all ideas are welcomed!

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