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A Story Snapshot

Every photograph has a story behind it here are some we like.

Grandpa and Sydney 1986 along with Josh taking a nap before dinner.


Kathy loves this quilt made by Sydney and given to her as a gift. She enjoys it so much....

Our young family in 1953 at our Lynwood Home. I was in the local Cub Scout Pack and Mom liked dressing Fred and Tony like twins. Terry is waiting for a sister to even the odds.

Maywood 1969

Regina and Antoinette Hanschmann orphaned with the death of Antony Hanschmann their father in 1936

Fredrick and Frances Hilgart became their adopptive parents.


Here is a remarkable find. This photo was taken in Maywood at Katherine's original home in 1967. I was not aware that another one had been taken in 1945 at the same spot.


John Miller and Grace's brother George were in the Pacific( See the Stars in the window) Katherine is missing her Daddy. Dolly and Teddy exchanged for Steve and Sharon.

Dreams Fulfilled.

Kathy had always held the dream of going to Alaska. After my retirement in 2003 we finally had the time and resources to make that trip. My Christmas present to her the year before was a cruise adventure through the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Juneau. I love the pensive look of her in this picture. Today it is so much more meaningful to me.

1st Day of School - 1969


It, was a different world 51 years ago. Here two mothers are blissful as they prepare to send off their two most precious to the first day at kindergarten. Christopher Pederson and Sharon Blackburn are ready to go. Mary Pederson and Kathy Blackburn have already chilled the wine for a quiet morning. Stephen 3 years old and Kristen 2 years old would need to wait a few years. Kathy was pregnant with Michael but really happy at this event. Mary was a Kindergarten substitute school  teacher realizing she may see them soon in school. My, how times have changed in five decades. And this story will go on and on.....


Gerald Blackburn Aug,24, 2020 

Zaden Dreams


Here is a wonderful example of the intensity of the new generation. Zaden Madrigal focuses on the tech of the day while traveling to an unknown destination. Outside the window a world passes by, a world that he must someday venture out into but has little relevance to him and certainly not much need of his attention now. We bring our children into this world, into a future not of their choice or making and then lose sight of the real future ahead. A future we cannot know because it belongs to them. If you wish a legacy for your children that will help them and give them the best opportunity to achieve then – Teach Them – Teach Them to Dream!

Photo by Michele

A Life Horizon


I have always liked this picture. Our Dad as a young sailor has just finished Navy Bootcamp in San Diego. He married a very special girl from Chicago named Regina. Both are far from their homes and facing an unknown future. He will leave soon into the pacific and harm's way. She will remain in California waiting for his return. A child is also in their future but nothing is for certain. What must she be thinking when she took this picture? It would be almost two years before they would be together again. This is why they were called the greatest generation. Nothing can prepare you for this kind of pressure yet they both found a way to survive it. For Dad I think it was knowing that his family was waiting for him when he returned. For mom it was Dad's families support and her religion along with a strict belief in their future as a family.

Photograph By Regina Blackburn

Sailor, Radioman 1st Class John Blackburn San Diego, California 1943

The Ginger Cat


In 1966 we lived at 6240 Otis Street in Bell, California. Our daughter Sharon who was just two at the time loved to explore outside. Our home was a two-bedroom house at the front of a Triplex Unit. We had a wonderful couple who lived in the back unit, Bob and Stella Soltzik. They had a pet cat named “Ginger”, because of her beautiful brown fur. She was a fat old slow moving girl that loved her sun naps on the driveway between the houses.

On this particular morning, Sharon out to explore, saw Ginger and decided to say good morning. As Sharon reached out to extend a hand of friendship, Ginger swiped Sharon’s hand with a claw and scratched her. For the next 25 years we would hear her tell of the attack and she would show us her hand. If you don’t believe me, just ask her today or the next time you see her. She will still show you the imaginary scars.

Sharon Blackburn

True Love


Photo By Gerald Blackburn

This is one my favorite pictures and memories of Mom and Dad. It was very rare to have an opportunity to catch them together let alone in a posing mood.  On this particular evening after dinner I was sitting at the kitchen table with a new camera and looking for any photo ops. Dad was working the night shift at the steel mill and Mom had fed the family and cleaned the dishes. The year was 1958 I had finished my elementary school and was starting high school. I was fascinated with photography and the promise of freezing time in a picture. This was a perfect moment in time to capture, this was a very happy and content couple. Both of them were children of the ‘20’s. They were eastern citizens who lived through the depression and survived a World War. They grew a family of six children had a suburban house in Lynwood California and went to church every Sunday. We ate together as a family every evening except for those days Dad had to work the night shifts.

In this picture dad was 38 and mom 33. The stress and mileage does not show on their faces yet, that was still several years away. What was captured here is two people still in their youth and in love. You can see that impish twinkle on dad’s face so typical of his fun and teasing. Mom loved him very much but also could read him like a book. She usually knew what he was going to do or say before he did. This was a couple who were content with where they were and what they had. This was my Mom and Dad!

Off to the Races.....

My visit to Boston allowed me to take the Helm of "Old Ironside"


In the '70s music came out of a Stereo Console. This one we had in Whittier was a favorite to play records on. Not sure here if Sharon is zoning out on the music or just bored with dad and another photo op. Mike and Steve just liked to turn all the knobs.

1954 there were only four. Here is Jerry,Terry,Fred and Tony. I loved that hand carved Zenith Console Radio. We had no TV yet, The Sacred Heart piece now hangs in Fred's Bedroom.

Jerry BD_0012aedita-Color-Restored-Enhanced.jpg

Spent some time in Chicago in 1949. Here we are Fred in Dad's arms southside of town. That's the Chicago look. 

You will have to ask Fran or Dan about the story behind this photo....


In 1992 we celebrated Kathy's 50th Birthday. This photo was taken of those attending the celebration . Nine of the people in this picture are no longer with us, 

Margit Eaton

Grace Miller

John Miller

Esther Lister

Bob Curran

Carol Curran

Mother Curran


Katherine Blackburn

Capitain and Crew 

Capt Matt and 1st mate Nicole take instructions and directions from Pilot June on the Duffy Boat in Los Alamitos Bay for a summer tour.
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