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In Memory of ....

Memorials to those who are gone.

There is a tremendous sense of loss when we lose a family member. We feel the empty space left when they have gone. But is through our memories that we keep connected with what they meant to us as part of the family. This list will only continue to grow in time but life is not about the destination it is about the journey and what we have done with the time we have had with them. Please take the time to visit the memories of those who have gone on to the next great adventure - whatever that may be......

John A. Blackburn

1920 - 1988

Johnny or Jack was the hardest working man I knew. He knew his family responsabilities and met them with long hours at the steel mill. Saving only a few little pleasures for himself, his beer, his children and his dreams of inventing something new.


Regina F. Blackburn - Hanschmann

1925 - 2008

Mom, Grandma, Jean, Honey whatever you called her she was an unmistakable prescence in your life. Everything was for her kids and family. Losing her own parents when she was very young was an important contributor to her passion for rasing six children.


Mary Blackburn -Roelof -Daughtery

1957 - 1993


She was the youngest of us six. She should still be growing old watching her grandchildren growup. Instead a senseless accident took her one late night in 1993. She had a hard life for her short 36 years but her proudest legacy is her children. 


Grace Colombo-Miller

1920 -1993


Grace - A wonderful wife and mother and a great mother-in-law. Her specialty though was being a grandmother. All of the grandchildren loved her and can remember those loving hugs, the pinch on the cheek and -" look into my eyes"!. Her presence in our lives was so strong that even today I feel like I could pickup the phone and give her a call - how wonderful that would be... to hear one more time ...."now John...."


Tony was our next youngest in the family. The rebel looking for a cause. Loving his motorcycles and being free. So why was he dealt the MS death card? His struggle and battle took him over 40 years.


John C. Miller Jr.



John was one of the most thoughtful and caring persons I ever had the pleasure to know. He was like a second father to me. He lead a wonderful and full life and gave me my most precious gift - his daughter Kathy -  my wife.


Paul R. Stumpf



Paul was the husband of Peg Miller-Stumpf, Kathy Blackburns sister. Paul was a Wisconsin resident and passed much to early. He served in the Marine Corp. during the Vietnam Conflict. He has three children, Douglas,John and Robert


IMG_0259 (1).PNG
Katherine Margaret-Miller-Blackburn

Katherine was the daughter of John and Grace Miller and the wife of Gerald Blackburn. She passed on February 12, 2021 in Pomona, Ca.


Michele Madrigal

Michele is the daughter of Joe Rorelofs and Mary Blackburn. She had two sons and was considered our "wonder Woman" of the family.


Project Michele 2021

Project Michele 2021

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Sean Madrigal

Sean was husband to ichelle Blackburn they  had two sons.

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