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Famous and Notable

Every Family Tree has some famous and notable people in it. The Blackburns are no exception, here are some of ours....


Lancelot Blackburne

Was an English clergyman and lived from Dec 10,1658 to Mar 23, 1743. A jolly fellow of manners and quality and also said to be a buccaneer.


Bushrod Washington

Supreme Court Associte Justice 


Julie Ann Blackburn

Daughter of Col Thomas Blackburn. Was the last apparent heir to Mount Vernon.


Joe Pepitone

(born October 9, 1940) is a former Major League Baseball first baseman and outfielder who played the bulk of his career for the New York Yankees. He also played several seasons with the Chicago Cubs and had short stints with the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves.


Col. Thomas Blackburn

He is buried in the Cemetary at Mt. Vernon


Joseph Blackburn

This historically famous portrait painter produced hundreds of revolutionary paintings.

Archbishop of York
Brother of George Washington
Wife of Bushrod Washington
First Baseman NY Yankees
Aide DeCamp Geo. Washington
Colonial Portrait Painter
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