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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the more Frequently Asked Questions about the family.


Why are there other families listed besides Blackburns?

Marriage and relationships build family trees and show us our heritage roots. We focus mostly on the Blackburn trail but the connecting lines are also included for the benefit of the descendants. If your family name is not listed its because I have no history or records. Contact me and we will fix it.


Who has been keeping track of all of this?

It seems each generation finds at least one soul who is interested and gets excited about our lineage. I (Jerry Blackburn) have inherited some wonderful information compiled by relatives on Mom's (Regina Blackburn-Hanschmann) side of the family. That along with my own recollections and scrapbook files and those of other family members are being compiled here for any other family members who have an interest. It is important to know about your family. They are and will be the witnesses to your life.


How far back does our history go?


On the Blackburn side we have gone back to Northern Ireland in the 16th Century. On the Hanschmann side we have gone back to the 14th Century...not bad.


Is there anyone famous in our family?

Famous is a "relative" word. With our relatives a Lord in Ireland a Col in Washington's Army, a neighbor of Jesse James and maybe even a John Dillenger cousin. Everyone who is a Blackburn is famous to me.

Recently found  Mayflower connection and a local celeb...Chef Bill Blackburn.


Can I get involved in this website?

You betcha!! Contact me and let's talk. I could sure use the help.


What is the future of this website?

When G. Blackburn departs he takes it with him, unless there is a transition.
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