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Our Art Gallery

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I will post here any images that have been artistically processed. Share any you might have.

My Favorite Model


Baby June

Game of Thrones

Mike would have made a Good KIng....

The Explorer 2023

In my other incarnation I was an Explorer of new world's. I have my hands full with this one now.....

Katherine 2023

Gerald-Pirate Painting-9.jpg
Katherine-1930s Hollywood Movie Star-2.jpg

My Leading Lady -


If she wanted to she could have chosen any career she wanted, I am so glad she chose me and being my soulmate....

Ruby May likes to change her hair color occasionally ( every six weeks ) So I am keeping a photo record of it.....


June Urerre

Ruby May

Photo and image by GB

Easter Parade 1927

In the 1920's it was a popular activity to participate in the local Easter Parade. Here Mom (Regina) is ready to promenade down the boulevard in her buggy all decorated.


On a late afternoon at a visit to Grandpas workshop, Sharon, Sydney and Michael are learning the trade. John loved his grandchildren and showing them how to work with tools.John would have been 100 years old this month We can still smell the sawdust and pipe tobacco....


Project 2021YIR1

Project 2021YIR1

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2021 Flashback Review


Be A Clown


Fred & Sandie

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