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In the Garden...

How does your garden grow? Anything interesting to share? Here is are some interesting examples.


Mother nature has no equal when it comes to imagination

and beauty. Just look around and you will see miracles.


These flowers are Yulan Magnolias which are native to China. The flower looks extremely beautiful and is pink in color. The flower is quite fragile and bears a citrus scent.


Hands in the Garden?


This beautiful flower appeared in our garden planter shortly after Katherine passed away. I did not plant it. It continues to grow and multiply all through the garden. The Gas Co. tried to destroy it when they installed the new meter, It still survives.

It is called Indian Shot or African Arrowroot. It is from  the Tropics and South America.

It is a very beautiful and tenacious flower, very much like our Katherine is.

Thanks to Jessica our flower expert for the name Research....

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