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The Storyteller Page

Here you will find great stories from the family. Collect yours and write and share them here..


Story #4

By Jerry Blackburn

The Lady in Red...Mom?

Story #1

By Jerry Blackburn

Gallup New Mexico

On a trip back east to Chicago, we had a small side adventure as we travelled through New Mexico.

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Story #2

By Jerry Blackburn

Chicago Mystery

     Mom’s family were all originally in Chicago. She was born in Cook County in 1925. There are many photographs and stories of the family there. Unfortunately most have been lost with time and the passing of the witnesses to them. However, even though I was born here in Los Angeles in 1944, I have some distinct memories of Chicago and living there for a short time. This is my “Chicago Mystery”.

Story #3

By Jerry Blackburn

Christmas with Krampus


One of my earliest Christmas memories was from 1949 in Chicago, when I was introduced to the Krampus.

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